Ring3 / Ring0 Rootkit Hook Detection 1/2

Introduction The cybercrime underworld hasn’t given me any exciting malware to reverse and I’m running out of ideas for new posts, so I’m going to do a 2 part article about the techniques used by rootkits to intercept function calls, and how to detect them. The first part will explain …


Fighting Hooks With Hooks – Sandbox Escape

Introduction I was pretty bored today and couldn’t think of an article to write, decided I’d come up with an example of escaping a sandbox. Most sandboxes use hooks placed within user-mode dlls in order to monitor process activity. If someone was able to remove or bypass these hooks, they …


Win64/Vabushky – The Great Code Heist

Introduction This analysis is of a new winlocker dropper that was first seen in the wild last month, the binary is 64 bit, packed with MPRESS, and contains 3 local privilege escalation exploits (CVE-2013-3660, CVE-2012-1864, and CVE-2012-0217), as well as the PowerLoader injection method. 2 of the exploits and the …