End of The Line for Solar Bot (Win32/Napolar)?

Solar Bot Solar Bot is a new type of usermode rootkit that created much hype by being “the first of it’s kind”. The rootkit is able to inject and hook both 32-bit and 64-bit processes, making it effective on 64-bit systems, which is uncommon for usermode rootkits. Solar bot makes …


KINS Source Code Leaked

Much Ado About Nothing Today the KINS source code was posted publicly after being sold to just about everyone and their dog. As expected it’s just a Zeus modification containing code taken from various places (there is also evidence of the bootkit). As you can see in this image, there …


Ring3 / Ring0 Rootkit Hook Detection 2/2

Introduction This article was actually planned to be posted the day after the first, however; I’ve not had much sleep the past few weeks, then I got sick, so it was very delayed. I’m pleased with how popular the previous article was, so in the future I plan to write …