Formgrabbers for Beginners

Introduction For a long time malware has targeted web data such as site logins. A malicious application could intercept socket functions within a web browser and scan for HTTP headers in order to retrieve HTTP data, however as HTTPS (HTTP Secure) became more widespread, it caused a problem. HTTPS is …


Selfish Mining – How to make Yourself Broke

Selfish Mining Selfish Mining in short is theoretical concept in which a malicious pool of miners could gain a better income by deliberately forking the blockchain. If a mining pool were to not immediately broadcast blocks, but instead add them to their own private chain, when the private chain becomes …


Portable Executable Injection For Beginners

Process Injection Process injection is an age old technique used by malware for 3 main reasons: Running without a process, placing user-mode hooks for a rootkit or formgrabber, and  bypassing antivirus / firewalls by injecting whitelisted processes. The most common method of process injection is DLL Injection, which is popular …


MtGox Nearly Breaks Bitcoin…Again

Previous Incident  In April 2013 large trading volume caused the MtGox trading engine to begin lagging. As soon as the trading engine lag started to build, traders panic sold due to the increasing risk of loss from trading blind. Of course the panic selling just added to the trading volume, …


Botnet Takedowns – fun and good publicity, nothing more

Takedowns For the past year or so the Kelihos botnet has been in the news after constant attempts to take it down. recently the ZeroAccess botnet has also been subject to similar publicity, but what do these efforts actually achieve? Not much. Damage ZeroAccess and Kelihos are what i like to refer …