A few Reason for Maximum Password Length

A lot of people have recently been wondering the reason behind maximum password lengths, after it was revealed that eBay limited passwords to 20 characters. Many people see this as a security flaw (and in some cases it is), but often there are reasons behind it. I should also mention …


FBI Cybercrime Crackdown – Blackshades

It would seem the FBI is cracking down on cybercrime (well script-kiddies at least), with a bunch of international raids carried out in the past few days and more said to come. As of today it seems that the raids are only targeting users of “blackshades” a popular remote administration …


Rovnix new “evolution”

Rovnix is an advanced VBR (Volume Boot Record) rootkit best known for being the bootkit component of Carberp. The kit operates in kernel mode, uses a custom TCP/IP stack to bypass firewalls, and stores components on a virtual filesystem outside of the partition. Yesterday Microsoft posted an update explaining a …