Creating a Secure Tor Environment

As we all know there are ways that your real IP can be leaked when using tor (JavasScript, Flash, Malware and software errors). In this tutorial I’m going to show how to create a fairly secure tor environment using VMWare, which will prevent any IP leaks. The environment can be …


New IRC Launch

For anyone still into IRC, MalwareTech has partnered with sigterm.no to launch a new IRC network. It’s still fairly new so don’t expect an instant response, but everyone is welcome (socializing or just asking for help). Easy Method Simply use our web IRC client: https://irc.malwaretech.com/ Proper Method The server requires SSL so …


Usermode Sandboxing

A lot of people (including myself, until recently) think that effective sandboxing requires a filter driver or kernel hooking, but this is no longer the case. A new security feature introduced in Windows Vista known as the Windows Integrity Mechanism can be used to create sandboxes that run entirely in usermode. Although …