Hard Disk Firmware Hacking (Final)

Core 2, I choose you. Less than 5 minutes after posting the last article, i discovered the final piece of my puzzle: a second CPU core. I was looking through my OpenOCD configuration when I realized it had a single tap definition hardcoded, so i decided to comment it out …


Hard Disk Firmware Hacking (Part 5)

“Discovery requires experimentation” This weekend I made a pretty big breakthrough which lead to me making a few smaller breakthroughs and ultimately negating most of my previous research. I’ve also learned that “not reinventing the wheel” isn’t always the best option, especially when it comes to trusting other people’s research. …


Hard Disk Firmware Hacking (Part 4)

It seems that the bootstrap code is just scattered around various memory addresses and there’s no simple way to dump all of it, so i decided to just dump a chunk of memory from 0x00000000 and look for any reference to addresses outside of that chunk (allowing me to build …