Infosec Without a Degree

I’ve seen plenty blogs from people who got into infosec through the academic route, so i figured I’d cover the other side and try to answer the three most asked questions I get via email and twitter: “Do I need a degree to get a job in infosec?”, “Will a …


Dridex Updates Payload Distribution

Dridex spreads mainly using Office documents containing malicious macros, initially the primary stage would involve using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) to download and execute the loader from one of multiple servers, though this had some flaws. Antivirus and Firewall vendors maintain a list of malicious URLs and IP addresses …


Let’s Analyze: Dridex (Part 3)

Sorry for the longer than expected delay, occasionally the Dridex group will take the servers offline during the weekend and resume normal operations on Monday; however, it appears they decided to take an extended break as the network went offline at some point a week ago, preventing me from fetching …