Significant Increase in Kelihos Botnet Activity

Since the Kelihos takedown in front of a live audience at RSA Conference in 2013, the operator had opted to maintain a low profile by keeping the total number of infections at only a fraction of the previous size. In the past Kelihos’ MO was spamming stock pump and dump schemes or pharmaceutical scams then laying …


No the FBI Are Not Sending Bitcoins to the Shadowbrokers

A few days ago someone made the following post which suggested the FBI were sending bitcoin from the wallet where all of the seized coins from Silkroad were sent to the ShadowBrokers acution address; furthermore, the explanation was given that they were trying to “chum the water” and enable them to track transactions …


Automatic Transfer Systems (ATS) for Beginners

ATS is one of the newer techniques employed by banking malware that not many people are familiar with so I thought I’d do a small post explaining it. To fully appreciate the complexity of ATS we have to take a look at a brief history of financial malware and how they …