Zombie Processes as a HIPS Bypass

A long long time ago (about 10 years in non-internet time) malware developers only had to worry about signature based detection, which could be easily bypasses with polymorphic droppers or executable encryption. To deal with rapidly evolving malware, capable of evading signature detection, HIPS was created. HIPS (Host-based Intrusion Prevention System), sometimes …


Passive UAC Elevation

I had a cool idea for a way to get the user to passively elevate your application without socially engineering them to do so or requiring exploits. Obviously you could just go ahead and start mass infecting executables, but that would cause a lot of unforeseen problems and would also …


Hacking Soraya Panel – Free Bot? Free Bots!

Some security agencies have been raving about a revolutionary new bot that combines point-of-sales card grabbing (ram scraping) with form grabbing. The bot is actually not very interesting and pretty simple, but the panel is a great deal of fun (thanks to xylitol for getting me interested). By default the …


Coding Malware for Fun and Not for Profit (Because that would be illegal)

A while ago some of you may remember me saying that I was so bored of there being no decent malware to reverse, that I might as well write some. Well, I decided to give it a go and I’ve spent some of my free time developing a Windows XP …


The 0x33 Segment Selector (Heavens Gate)

Since I posted the article about malware using the 0x33 segment selector to execute 64-bit code in an 32-bit (WOW64) Process, a few people have asked me how the segment selector actually works deep down (a lot of people think it’s software based). For those who haven’t read the previous …