Zorenium – The Bot That Never Was

I was first made aware of Zorenium bot at the start of November last year by a friend on twitter (R136a1). There were no actual sales threads, just a discussion in IRC and a pastebin post detailing some features (http://pastebin.com/Pp5xmtK7). After being sent a sample, I decided not to write …


Webinjects – The Basics

It’s not uncommon for malware to use a technique known as formgrabbing; this is done by hooking browser functions responsible for encrypting and sending data to a webpage. By intercepting data before it is encrypted with SSL the malware can read the HTTP header and steal usernames and passwords from …


Malware – A One Night Stand

Last night i had this idea that ransomware and other “stab you in the face then steal your wallet” types of malware are likely a result of the antivirus industry becoming better at dealing with malware. It sounds like a crazy claim, but with a little explaining I think most …


The Centralization of Fraud

Everyone is aware of the dangers of credit/debit cards, right? You get infected with banking malware or you leave your wallet at the bar, next thing you know there are bills for things you don’t remember purchasing showing up on your bank statement. Well there was once a time when …


Peer-to-Peer Botnets for Beginners

With all the hype about the ZeroAccess take-down, i decided it might be a nice idea to explain how peer to peer botnets work and how the are usually taken down. Traditional Botnets A basic example of a tradition botnet With tradition botnets (Be it HTTP, IRC or some other …


Infamous Skynet Botnet Author Allegedly Arrested

On the 4th of December the German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) issued a press release stating they had arrested two suspects for computer crimes, with the support of GSG 9 (A German special operations unit). The release detailed that the two suspect has reportedly modified, distributed and used existing …


Formgrabbers for Beginners

Introduction For a long time malware has targeted web data such as site logins. A malicious application could intercept socket functions within a web browser and scan for HTTP headers in order to retrieve HTTP data, however as HTTPS (HTTP Secure) became more widespread, it caused a problem. HTTPS is …


Portable Executable Injection For Beginners

Process Injection Process injection is an age old technique used by malware for 3 main reasons: Running without a process, placing user-mode hooks for a rootkit or formgrabber, and  bypassing antivirus / firewalls by injecting whitelisted processes. The most common method of process injection is DLL Injection, which is popular …


End of The Line for Solar Bot (Win32/Napolar)?

Solar Bot Solar Bot is a new type of usermode rootkit that created much hype by being “the first of it’s kind”. The rootkit is able to inject and hook both 32-bit and 64-bit processes, making it effective on 64-bit systems, which is uncommon for usermode rootkits. Solar bot makes …


KINS Source Code Leaked

Much Ado About Nothing Today the KINS source code was posted publicly after being sold to just about everyone and their dog. As expected it’s just a Zeus modification containing code taken from various places (there is also evidence of the bootkit). As you can see in this image, there …