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Petya Ransomware Attack – What’s Known

Petya The jury is still out on whether the malware is Petya or something that just looks like it (it messes with the Master Boot Record in a way which is very similar to Petya and not commonly used in other ransomware). Hasherzade who is a researcher well known for …


Why Open Source Ransomware is Such a Problem

A while back 2sec4u posted a poll asking if people considered open source ransomware helpful to detection and prevention, with 46% voting yes. Although the poll wasn’t limited to people working in the antimalware industry, 46% is scarily high. Trying to prove a point, help me out Twitter. Is open source ransomware helping …


Backdoored Ransomware for Educational Purposes

Here is an interesting article I found this week, it’s about how A researcher released two pieces of ‘educational’ ransomware which were secretly backdoored in order to own some advanced and prolific cyber-criminals a small number of scriptkiddies. There two pieces were HiddenTear (a ransomware with deliberately insecure cryptography designed to …


OphionLocker Analysis: Proof Anyone Really Can Write Malware

OphionLocker is supposedly the new ransomware on the block and is already being compared with sophisticated operations such as CryptoLocker and CryptoWall, so i decided to take a look and what I found is nothing short of hilarious. That’s right, the ransomware is actually a console application, Instead of writing …