Why Open Source Ransomware is Such a Problem

A while back 2sec4u posted a poll asking if people considered open source ransomware helpful to detection and prevention, with 46% voting yes. Although the poll wasn’t limited to people working in the antimalware industry, 46% is scarily high. Trying to prove a point, help me out Twitter. Is open source ransomware helping …


No the FBI Are Not Sending Bitcoins to the Shadowbrokers

A few days ago someone made the following post which suggested the FBI were sending bitcoin from the wallet where all of the seized coins from Silkroad were sent to the ShadowBrokers acution address; furthermore, the explanation was given that they were trying to “chum the water” and enable them to track transactions …


Backdoored Ransomware for Educational Purposes

Here is an interesting article I found this week, it’s about how A researcher released two pieces of ‘educational’ ransomware which were secretly backdoored in order to own some advanced and prolific cyber-criminals a small number of scriptkiddies. There two pieces were HiddenTear (a ransomware with deliberately insecure cryptography designed to …