Phase Bot – A Fileless Rootkit (Part 2)

As I said in the last part of the analysis the sample I had was just a test binary, but now I have some real ones thanks to some help from @Xylit0l. The new binaries incorporate some much more interesting features which I’ll go over in this article. Reverse Connection …


Phase Bot – A Fileless Rootkit (Part 1)

Phase Bot is a fileless rootkit that went on sale during late October, the bot is fairly cheap ($200) and boasts features such as formgrabbing, ftp stealing, and of course the ability to run without a file. The bot has both a 32-bit binary (Win32/Phase) and a 64-bit binary (Win64/Phase), …

Vulnerability Research

MS14-066 In Depth Analysis

A few days ago I published an article detailing how a second bug, in the schannel TLS handshake handling, could allow an attacker to trigger the DecodeSigAndReverse heap overflow in an application that doesn’t support client certificates. I had stated I was not familiar with ECC signatures and was unsure …


Usermode System Call hooking – Betabot Style

This is literally the most requested article ever, I’ve had loads of people messaging me about this (after the Betabot malware made it famous). I had initially decided not to do an article about it, because it was fairly undocumented and writing an article may have led to more people …


Rovnix new “evolution”

Rovnix is an advanced VBR (Volume Boot Record) rootkit best known for being the bootkit component of Carberp. The kit operates in kernel mode, uses a custom TCP/IP stack to bypass firewalls, and stores components on a virtual filesystem outside of the partition. Yesterday Microsoft posted an update explaining a …


The 0x33 Segment Selector (Heavens Gate)

Since I posted the article about malware using the 0x33 segment selector to execute 64-bit code in an 32-bit (WOW64) Process, a few people have asked me how the segment selector actually works deep down (a lot of people think it’s software based). For those who haven’t read the previous …


Win64/Vabushky – The Great Code Heist

Introduction This analysis is of a new winlocker dropper that was first seen in the wild last month, the binary is 64 bit, packed with MPRESS, and contains 3 local privilege escalation exploits (CVE-2013-3660, CVE-2012-1864, and CVE-2012-0217), as well as the PowerLoader injection method. 2 of the exploits and the …


PowerLoader Injection – Something truly amazing

I’m not dead It has been a while since i wrote an article (I’ve been pretty busy in real life), so I decided to get writing. This article will probably only make sense to people from a malware research / programming background, but to compensate i will be posting a …