Threat Intelligence

Dridex Returns to the UK With Updated TTPs

With the exception of a few unconfirmed reports of Dridex targeting Baltic countries (which doesn’t make much sense economically), infection campaigns have ceased since mid August when Dridex briefly resumed spreading to propagate multiple new botnets aimed at Switzerland. This morning a friend of mine, Liam, reported receiving a malicious email which unusually didn’t …


David Cameron Wants Porn Sites to Require Banking Information

It would seem that David Cameron doesn’t have a tech advisory or even knows anyone who uses browser other than Netscape, but that doesn’t seem stop him with his endless stream of proposals and laws to govern our internet. The latest idea in a long list of terrible ideas is …


Darkode Returns Following International Raids

When I was contacted asking for a comment about the darkode raid, I’d said that the main administrator was not arrested and that’d I’d be surprised if it wasn’t back within a week; well It’s been a little more than a week (I’ll put on my surprised face), but as …


RIG Exploit Kit – Source Code Leak

As the past has show us, cybercriminals are not the most trustworthy people when it come to holding valuable sources, and it looks like we’re about to get another reminder of that, this time with an exploit pack leak. RIG is a popular exploit kit which has been around for …

Threat Intelligence

Darkode – Ode to Lizard Squad (The Rise and Fall of a Private Community)

For the 10 of you who don’t know, darkode was on of the most active English-speaking “underground” cybercrime boards. The forum was started around 2009 by a coder named “Iserdo” and gained popularity off the back of Iserdo’s bot, “Buterfly bot” (AKA Mariposa), which was sold there. In The Beginning …

Malware Analysis

Phase Bot – A Fileless Rootkit (Part 2)

As I said in the last part of the analysis the sample I had was just a test binary, but now I have some real ones thanks to some help from @Xylit0l. The new binaries incorporate some much more interesting features which I’ll go over in this article. Reverse Connection …

Malware Analysis

Phase Bot – A Fileless Rootkit (Part 1)

Phase Bot is a fileless rootkit that went on sale during late October, the bot is fairly cheap ($200) and boasts features such as formgrabbing, ftp stealing, and of course the ability to run without a file. The bot has both a 32-bit binary (Win32/Phase) and a 64-bit binary (Win64/Phase), …

Vulnerability Research

How MS14-066 (CVE-2014-6321) is More Serious Than First Thought

If you’ve been in a coma for the past week, MS14-066 (CVE-2014-6321) is a TLS heap overflow vulnerability in Microsoft’s schannel.dll, which can result in denial of service and even remote code execution on windows systems (the bug is exploitable during the TLS handshake stage, prior to any authentication). According to beyondtrust the …


FBI Cybercrime Crackdown – Blackshades

It would seem the FBI is cracking down on cybercrime (well script-kiddies at least), with a bunch of international raids carried out in the past few days and more said to come. As of today it seems that the raids are only targeting users of “blackshades” a popular remote administration …

Malware Analysis

Rovnix new “evolution”

Rovnix is an advanced VBR (Volume Boot Record) rootkit best known for being the bootkit component of Carberp. The kit operates in kernel mode, uses a custom TCP/IP stack to bypass firewalls, and stores components on a virtual filesystem outside of the partition. Yesterday Microsoft posted an update explaining a …